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Fitness Within Reach

A Level 2 CrossFit trainer gets you strong and fit in a safe, stability-focused class. Our Fitness Within Reach program is CrossFit minus the competition and "that crazy stuff."

  • Whole Life Challenge: favorite habits

    The Whole Life Challenge will allow us to “challenge” ourselves with more healthy habits than just nutrition. If you haven’t looked at this page yet, and watched the videos, please do. I’ve been thinking about what new habits I’ve adopted lately that have improved my life. One is taking a 30-minute nap in the afternoon after I’ve been in the... Read more →

  • Strength First class: Wednesday nights!

    We are expanding the types of CrossFit class formats we offer, in order to bring you exceptionally diverse and integrated training. We want to keep CrossFit fresh for you and add a chance to focus on the fundamentals. We now have more options to let us all explore fitness in different ways. CrossFit: Our traditional barbell plus workout of the... Read more →

  • Designing your own workout? Plan with care

    People ask how they can design their own workouts, for home gym equipment or for a hotel with no equipment, that will have some of the same effectiveness and fun of workouts at CrossFit 206. Here’s how. First of all, make a list on paper of exactly what you’re going to do. It will be just like the whiteboard at the... Read more →

  • Seven ways not to fail at fitness

    I’ve been teaching strength and conditioning since 2006, and I often wonder why some people stick with it and some don’t. What leads people to allow themselves to become unfit when they want to be fit? Here are the patterns I’ve spotted, and what I’ve come to believe about working out for health. Mistake 1: Think short-term, get frustrated and... Read more →