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  • Lurong Living Paleo Challenge: sign up now

    Lurong Living runs a good paleo challenge. We’ve participated in both of the past annual challenges and had a good time with the workouts and the group experience. Supporting each other in getting used to a paleo diet — or tightening it up as the case may be — was great. It’s an eight-week challenge. The rules are laid out... Read more →

  • Schedule changes and added classes coming up!

    We took apart our trainers’ work schedules and put it back together differently in a way we hope you’ll like. Welcome, Jude, new trainer on staff! Jude Ovalles earned his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer credential in March 2013. He has been an assistant trainer since then, providing help and vacation coverage. And he’s been an inspiring CrossFit workout partner since... Read more →

  • Improve your CrossFit workout part 4

    People ask if they should add cardio workouts, such as running or stair climbing, in between CrossFit sessions  because they want to improve their conditioning. Alternatively, should they add more CrossFit per week, up to five or six sessions? My answer: if improving your conditioning is the only reason you want to add cardio, then no. A simple way to improve your... Read more →

  • Heavy Lifting! Why you should open your mind

    Many of my trainees and I are older than 45. A few of us are… a lot older than 45. Surprise mixes with shock for our non-CrossFitter peers when they see a video of “people our age” lifting a heavy barbell. That’s what happened when our friend Mark posted a video of himself squatting 335 pounds. “NO WAY CAN THAT... Read more →