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Fitness Within Reach

A Level 2 CrossFit trainer gets you strong and fit in a safe, stability-focused class. Our Fitness Within Reach program is CrossFit minus the competition and "that crazy stuff."

  • No to frustration. Yes to patience.

    Are you trying to lose weight? Here are the primary requirements: Patience; self-acceptance; self-compassion; willingness to experiment methodically; critical-thinking skills; adaptability; and patience. Did I mention patience? Way down the list is the requirement to burn more calories than you eat. Without meeting the primary requirements, you’re unlikely to maintain a weight-loss trend nor keep the weight off. So, if you... Read more →

  • A new course just for new CrossFitters

    Starting again on Feb. 2: New trainees at CrossFit 206 ramp up to CrossFit classes via a detailed introductory course of 12 classes. You can enroll in and purchase the course here for $165. Classes take place on Tuesdays 6:30 PM, Thursdays 6:30 PM, and Saturdays 8:30 AM. The Saturday class repeats (optional) on Sunday at 11 AM each week. We... Read more →

  • Another book report! What is self-discipline, anyway?

    Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message sets out to help women accomplish more of whatever we dream of doing. Some of her strategies resonated with me a lot more than others. As a whole I found it useful and inspiring. My favorite section of Playing Big was Chapter 10, about using positive impulses rather... Read more →

  • Wrap-up reflections on the Whole Life Challenge

    Forty-two people joined the CrossFit 206 team for the past eight weeks in the Whole Life Challenge. We complied with any one of three levels of commitment to healthy nutrition, mainly avoiding grains and sugar; we exercised and stretched for ten minutes every day; we entered a day’s result each night along with a short reflection on the day. There... Read more →