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  • Improve your CrossFit workout part 4

    People ask if they should add cardio workouts, such as running or stair climbing, in between CrossFit sessions  because they want to improve their conditioning. Alternatively, should they add more CrossFit per week, up to five or six sessions? My answer: if improving your conditioning is the only reason you want to add cardio, then no. A simple way to improve your... Read more →

  • Heavy Lifting! Why you should open your mind

    Many of my trainees and I are older than 45. A few of us are… a lot older than 45. Surprise mixes with shock for our non-CrossFitter peers when they see a video of “people our age” lifting a heavy barbell. That’s what happened when our friend Mark posted a video of himself squatting 335 pounds. “NO WAY CAN THAT... Read more →

  • Memorial Day holiday schedule

    Sunday, May 25: No Weightlifting Class CrossFit at 9:00 and 10:00 No Intro class Monday, May 26: 7:30 AM CrossFit class: “Murph” capacity 12 people. 8:30 AM CrossFit class: two waves of “Fran.” Capacity 16. 9:30 AM: Small Group/Extra Help class as usual; no Murph or Fran during this class. Read more →

  • What motivates you?

    What motivated you to start CrossFit? If you haven’t started yet, what is it about CrossFit that appeals to you? Or maybe you’ve been CrossFitting for a long time. What keeps you going? No matter what stage you’re at, you are probably motivated by lots of things. And they’ve probably changed over time. I listed every motivating factor I could... Read more →