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Fitness Within Reach

A Level 2 CrossFit trainer gets you strong and fit in a safe, stability-focused class. Our Fitness Within Reach program is CrossFit minus the competition and "that crazy stuff."

  • Father’s Day gift cards

    Whip your dad into shape, or make him more of a kickass athlete, with a gift card for an introductory month of CrossFit at CrossFit 206! A month of unlimited classes is a great way to get to know the exercises, the workouts, the trainers, and our friendly community. It is only $85 plus tax for one month of classes.... Read more →

  • What’s it like to START doing CrossFit?

    Patience is a word not often heard when people are talking about CrossFit. But it’s key. Strong, versatile fitness REQUIRES time. Long-term, if you want a great and fit body, you have to keep at it. Luckily, there is also the quick, short-term result of feeling great and noticing your clothes fitting better — and with us, there’s also the... Read more →

  • It’s on sale!

    Our excellent, fun, dynamic yoga teacher, Yvonne Kraus, wants you to know you can now try TWO yoga classes for $20. There was a lot of enthusiasm when we announced yoga classes, so we want to make it easy for people to try it out. Help us spread the word by telling your friends. These are uncrowded, non-“intense” yoga classes... Read more →