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A Level 2 CrossFit trainer gets you strong and fit in a safe, stability-focused class. Our Fitness Within Reach program is CrossFit minus the competition and "that crazy stuff."

  • Another book report! What is self-discipline, anyway?

    Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message sets out to help women accomplish more of whatever we dream of doing. Some of her strategies resonated with me a lot more than others. As a whole I found it useful and inspiring. My favorite section of Playing Big was Chapter 10, about using positive impulses rather... Read more →

  • Wrap-up reflections on the Whole Life Challenge

    Forty-two people joined the CrossFit 206 team for the past eight weeks in the Whole Life Challenge. We complied with any one of three levels of commitment to healthy nutrition, mainly avoiding grains and sugar; we exercised and stretched for ten minutes every day; we entered a day’s result each night along with a short reflection on the day. There... Read more →

  • You’re not commitment-phobic

    Can you make a commitment to fitness and health? If you’re ready, book your first class with us for free as a new customer. Try either CrossFit Start-Up or Fitness Within Reach if you are new to this whole thing. The program you become part of at CrossFit 206 is a more serious commitment than a lot of other fitness... Read more →

  • YOU are the boss of your self-talk

    After author Jill Bolte Taylor had a brain hemorrhage (stroke) in her thirties, she got very good at being patient with herself. She didn’t have much choice–she had lost most of her left-brain verbal skills, including that incessant self-chatter. You know what I mean, right? The mental voice that keeps reciting a to-do list when you are tired, sick, or... Read more →