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A Level 2 CrossFit trainer gets you strong and fit in a safe, stability-focused class. Our Fitness Within Reach program is CrossFit minus the competition and "that crazy stuff."

  • 31 days of pull-ups drills part 1

    Palms facing out: 2 reps of 15 sec hollow hang (hollow = abs engaged/show off your sixpack/belt buckle “up”/tuck your tail under) 2 x 15 sec knees-up hang (do a “crunch” while hanging, and hold it) 2 x 20 sec passive hang, shoulders and body relaxed 3 sets of 3 reps of YOUR best pull-up, no assist, “partial” (partway up)... Read more →

  • 31 days of pull-ups starts tomorrow!

    Please read part 1 of this post.  #31daysofpullups will be a series of drills, and I’ll post on Facebook every five days, maybe more often. If the posts seem long, I’ll do a blog post instead, and link to it on FB with the hashtag. If you CAN DO more than one unassisted pull-up: Feel free to make up your... Read more →

  • Want to do pull-ups? Get ready

    May 1, 2016 starts #31daysofpullups. If you don’t speak Hashtag, that’s thirty-one days of pull-ups. Get ready to drill, drill, drill in order to get that long-awaited pull-up. Did you know? If you’re not carrying much extra weight — and I don’t know how much is “much” because strength abilities vary so much among people — any progressive pull-up plan... Read more →

  • One thousand women over 50

    CrossFit posted a really interesting breakdown of the Open workout 16.1 from last week. Almost 295,000 participants posted a score. Of these, 22 percent (65,230) were over age 40. Age 50 and above made up just 24 percent of masters, or 15,655 men and women. That’s just over 5 percent of Open participants. The article linked above does not break... Read more →